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♥ Pretty in Pink ♥
Hiya! Amy Rose here, but you can just call me Amy!~♫

I'm here to answer any questions you may have! Don't be scared, I don't bite ( much!~ heh heh)

Any SonAdow rpers?

Man, it’s been a long while since I’ve had an awesome Sonadow rp and I’d like to start a rps blogs together with someone! I have a Sonic blog I haven’t gotten a chance to work on due to lack of motivation/lack of a partnership so yeah! If anyone is interested, I am looking for a Shadow rper. Please send me a PM with a little snippet of your rping style!

Dear Sonadow Shippers


To Whom It May Concern,

I write to you with a formal complaint. I am not new to your concept, but I’m quite new to the services you offer as a community. New though I may be, I find myself disappointed.

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Ask is open!

Please ask me questions, my ask box is open! (If you’re lucky you might even get a drawing!)

Anonymous sent: Have you ever tried to make Sonic jealous as another way to get him to notice you?

I will not deny this, I have totally tried countless of times! Heheh. He HAS gotten jealous, so I can say that was a good sign! Now that I’m older, I wouldn’t go about doing something like that for attention.

Anonymous sent: Have you ever loved or been in love and do you feel something for anyone now?

Now that I’m growing up and realizing a few things. I think what I’ve had before was just a tremendous amount of affection. Right now? I’m not so sure if I’m in love. I’d like to be in love, but have a person love me right back. 

xxanimeloverxx1024 sent: Hi Amy! Who do you like the most Sonic Or Shadow?

Ooh..That’s a hard one there.. I like both @ w @ (SHHH, Don’t tell them that please!)

dattailsmilesprower sent: Hello Amy long time no see how are you?

Hey Tails! I’m doing just fine. How about you? I haven’t seen you in a while.